Would you like to get fascinating facts, pictures and information of what to look out for on the concert stage delivered live to your smartphone or tablet during a concert? The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is offering just that in its Symphonic Soundscapes series, as they explore the exquisite music of Prokofiev and Sibelius, along with star conductor Alexander Shelley and a host of international soloists.

Octava is a downloadable concert-enhancing app that has been developed to deliver real-time programme notes to audiences' mobile devices. Throughout all three concerts, Octava will enrich the live listening experience by delivering information at the exact moment the action is happening on stage. In a designated seating area, you can download and take part in this exciting new real-time digital programme note, which is exclusive to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra's Symphonic Soundscapes series.

Book Octava seats for the special price of £25 (saving over 20%!) using the promotional code OCTOFFER*, and proceed to optimise your concert experience by downloading the free app from iTunes or GooglePlay before your concert.

(*Please note that Octava seats will appear as stars on the online seating plan (Gallery only) upon entering the promotional code.)


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