New research released today by the Royal Albert Hall has revealed the emotional health benefits live music has on our wellbeing.

Two thirds (69 per cent) of Brits are 'happier' and 'more stimulated' when listening to live music, the study of 2,000 adults revealed.

The British public is also 'more engaged' (68 per cent) and 'more sociable' (59 per cent) when live music is playing, according to the survey. Almost three quarters (73 per cent) agree that 'live music can make an event feel more special'.

Technology and online streaming services are making music more accessible and affordable than ever before. According to the poll a quarter of the British public are choosing technology over live music, with 25 per cent admitting they would choose to plug in their tablet or smartphone rather than hire a live band at an important event.

But despite our dependence on technology, it seems Brits do still embrace the positive effects of live music.

Over half (51 per cent) would like to know about venues offering free live music, and 42 per cent are interested in attending events beyond the main stage at large venues.

Lucy Noble, Artistic and Commercial Director at the Royal Albert Hall, believes venues need to do more to make live music more accessible to everybody. Noble commented: "The positive effects of live music are undoubtable. We must do all we can to ensure that live music is accessible and affordable to all and not just the privileged and wealthy."

Additionally the survey showed that half the British public (45 per cent) do not feel they are able to afford the price of a ticket to experience live music. In 2016 the Royal Albert Hall hosted 50 charity performances and 867 education and outreach events aimed at ensuring the venue is accessible to all.

Ms Noble added: "At the Hall we pride ourselves on our Education & Outreach programme. The initiative is designed to ensure the Royal Albert Hall is accessible for all. Free live music concerts are held throughout the year, from the venue's pioneering Songbook initiative to Free Friday Music, all of which aim to increase access to the arts for all."

Free Friday Music is a regular in the Hall's calendar, providing everyone from all walks of life with free live music in the Hall's Italian restaurant, Verdi. For more information on Free Friday Music at the Royal Albert Hall, and to book tickets, please visit:


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