Synth ensemble Art of Moog to perform live concert at London’s Kings Place 14 April 2018
Concert celebrates the 50th anniversary of Wendy Carlos’s album Switched on Bach, which became one of the biggest selling classical albums of all time
Art of Moog is formed of three virtuoso keyboard players and Baroque music specialists, Robin Bigwood, Steven Devine and Martin Perkins, plus baroque flautist Annabel Knight

In 1968 keyboard player Wendy Carlos released her album Switched-on Bach, changing the way the music of J.S. Bach was seen forever and fast becoming one of the biggest selling classical albums of all time.

On 14 April 2018, synth ensemble Art of Moog will perform their live concert debut at London’s Kings Place to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Carlos’s ground-breaking album with a live performance of works by J.S. Bach. The ensemble features three of the world’s most acclaimed exponents of Bach’s music and Baroque music specialists Robin Bigwood, Steven Devine and Martin Perkins. They’re joined by renowned recorder player and baroque flautist Annabel knight, playing the Akai EWI wind synthesizer.

Robin Bigwood, Director of Art of Moog, said: ‘Bach on synths has been done before, and Wendy Carlos’s seminal Switched-on Bach notches up its 50th anniversary in 2018. But Art of Moog is all about genuine live performance by players who are also harpsichordists, historically-informed specialists, steeped in baroque tradition, and who pride themselves in being ‘universal’ keyboard players, like Bach himself. We perform twenty-first-century ‘hyper-Bach’ on synthesizers using a mixture of modern analogue and digital instruments, whilst still playing tribute to Wendy Carlos’s distinctive synth sound, which is still loved by fans all over the world. The difference with Art of Moog is that we play completely live with no backing tracks or sequenced elements. You can really appreciate the virtuosity of Bach whilst hearing this great composer in a new way.’


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