MUNICH. Jakub Hrůša, Chief Conductor of the Bamberg Symphony, signed a contract for five additional seasons today in Munich. Bavarian State Minister for the Arts Prof. Dr. med. Marion Kiechle announced today: “I am delighted that Jakub Hrůša has now extended his contract, and so will remain as Chief Conductor of the Bamberg Symphony through the 2021 to 2026 seasons. Under his direction, the Bavarian State Philharmonic has continued its artistic journey with spectacular success, and is a world leader among Bavaria’s symphony orchestras. Another impressive measure of its outstanding qualities is the recent award for the German-speaking world’s best concert series of 2017/18. I feel certain that with Jakub Hrůša at the helm, the Bamberg Symphony will keep setting the standard for the future.” Czech-born Jakub Hrůša took over as Chief Conductor of the Bamberg Symphony from Jonathan Nott in autumn 2016.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Chief Conductor Jakub Hrůša said: “During the past two years, I've learned that Bamberg is a place in our world where things work better than one can ever dream of. It is truly an extraordinary place of inspiration, focus and joy – and the central reason for me, of course, is its orchestra: the Bamberg Symphony. As its Chief Conductor since 2016, I am privileged to have been able to journey together with this precious orchestra through the beauties of a wide and varied repertoire, both 'at home' in Bamberg and Bavaria, on tours, and in the recording studio. And I am even happier now, knowing that this deeply meaningful journey can continue until 2026. I always wanted to stay where things were right and had the possibility to develop constantly. This is the feeling with the Bamberg Symphony, an institution of amazing musicians and a dedicated management team, and we grow and develop every second that we are together. I am looking forward to deepening my musical 'home-feeling' in Bamberg!”

Marcus Rudolf Axt, Chairman of the Bamberg Symphony Foundation and the Orchestra’s Chief Executive, is emphatic: “Right from his debut in 2014, Jakub Hrůša worked his way into the hearts of the Bamberg Symphony and Bamberg audiences. And in every concert since, he has continued to inspire the Orchestra to give of its very best. For Jakub Hrůša, fifth Chief Conductor in the Symphony’s 75-year history, nurturing its traditional sound matters just as much as it does to the Orchestra itself. So we are all extremely happy that this partnership of kindred spirits with our musicians is set to continue for a further eight years. With his profound musicality, stupendous technique and charismatic podium presence, Jakub Hrůša transforms any score into a breath-taking aural experience which echoes long afterwards in our hearts. Their quest for a unique sound, Bohemian musical heritage and shared joy in music-making all contribute to our Orchestra’s symbiotic relationship with Jakub Hrůša. We look forward to a Jakub Hrůša era for Bamberg!”


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