Gustavo Dudamel has regretfully withdrawn from this week’s performances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra due to complications from a hand and arm injury sustained from a fall he took last December. Maestro Dudamel's doctor has recommended immediate rest in order to avoid further complications and fully recover from the injury. Dudamel had been scheduled to lead Tuesday’s program of Schumann’s Spring Symphony and Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring, as well as performances of works by Paul Desenne, Ginastera, and Estévez, Thursday, April 11 through Saturday, April 13.

“It is with deep regret that I have to withdraw from the remainder of my appearances with the Boston Symphony Orchestra this week due to an aggravation of an injury from last December," said Dudamel in a statement. "I have thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal process and performances of The Rite of Spring and Schumann's Spring Symphony with the incredible BSO this past week and was so looking forward to this coming week’s performances of music by Desenne, Ginastera, and Estévez—three composers dear to my heart. With apologies to Boston’s wonderful orchestra and audience, I look forward to returning to Symphony Hall in future seasons to continue our fantastic music-making for all those devoted to this remarkable orchestra! I wish everyone in the BSO family the very best.”

Replacing Mr. Dudamel for Tuesday’s program is Boston Symphony Orchestra Associate Conductor Ken-David Masur. For this upcoming weekend's concerts, Tanglewood Festival Chorus Conductor James Burton will lead Estévez’ Cantata Criolla. In two changes to the original program, Mr. Masur conducts the Ravel Piano Concerto in G, featuring pianist Sergio Tiempo, and for the April 11 and 13 concerts Berlioz' Roman Carnival Overture.


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