1. OPER! AWARDS – Germany’s first, publicly awarded prize dedicated exclusively to opera

Berlin – On 21 September 2019, for the first time the OPER! AWARDS will be presented at the Konzerthaus Berlin, thus establishing the first award in Germany exclusively dedicated to this sector of the arts. The OPER! AWARDS will be presented across 20 categories to the leading national and international opera artists on and behind the stage.

Germany enjoys one of the world’s richest classical music scenes, nowhere else does one find so many opera houses. Yet an award to honour the top national and international artists, publicly and within the setting of an awards show, has not existed so far. This is going to change! During a gala event at the Konzerthaus Berlin, OPER! Magazine will for the first time, and from then on annually, present the OPER! AWARDS based on the decision of a jury of eight prominent journalists. The winners will be announced during the gala on 21 September 2019. Further information can be found at www.oper-awards.com.

“It is an absurd situation that Germany should have the highest number of opera houses in the world, yet no prize to honour the leading national and international opera artists. There are comparable, high-profile awards for cinema and theatre, but not for opera. It is high time in Germany to pay a fitting, public tribute to this the most complex and challenging of art forms”, insists Ulrich Ruhnke, founder and initiator of the OPER! AWARDS.

Signed Ulrich Ruhnke


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