6 & 7 September 2019

One of Snape Maltings’ key commitments is to facilitate the development of new and innovative works, and the Festival of New is a showcase of some of the most exciting sounds currently being made in the UK. Some projects are ready to take flight, while others are just beginning to take shape. All have been created at Snape during residencies that take place all year round. It gives artists the freedom to take risks, be ambitious and release their creative spirit.

Voicescolourmotion: 6 & 7 September

Voicescolourmotion is an interactive sound and light installation designed to transform any space into an instrument which can be played by human motion. Following a residency focused on creating sounds and experimenting with sound spacing and design, audience members are invited into the space in groups of eight to create their own collaborative light and sound experience.

Friday 6 September: 5pm. 5.30pm, 8.30pm, 9pm

Saturday 7 September: 1pm, 1.30pm, 4.30pm, 6pm, 6.30pm 7pm

Tin Men and the Telephone: 6 September, 6pm, Snape Maltings Concert Hall

Tin Men are a Dutch contemporary jazz trio exploring the involvement of the audience as active participants. They respond in real time to surveys, suggest themes for improvisation, tempo and mood through a smartphone app, ‘Tinmendo’, with the result assimilated into the set and displayed on a big screen. Audiences can swipe and shake to interact with the band; they can guide the set, craft rhythms and melodies from which the band improvise. The subject matter is serious – the rise of populism, the perils of climate change – but their quick-fire changes of direction and interaction with each other and the audience is virtuosic and often drily comic.

Silence Makes Perfect: 6 September, 7.30pm, Britten Studio

This collaboration is a requiem to the lost naïve world of a child, populated by puppets made from broken instruments and a mix of live and pre-recorded sound. An interdisciplinary music-theatre work, it begins in the aftermath of a great violence and transforms into a force that cannot be silenced.

Reload: 6 September, 9.30pm Britten Studio

Urban poet Reload is both an innovator in the current hip hop scene and a throwback to the raw edginess of early rap. He has a talent for painting a scene so vividly that it seems to unfold in front of the listener in real time, a skill that links him with balladeers and troubadours from across the ages.

Nicolls & Bugge: 7 September, 12pm, Peter Pears Recital Room

Cellist Maja Bugge teams up with Sarah Nicholls, performing on a unique instrument – an inside out piano, to focus on the environmental issues facing the UK and Norway. Collaborating with climate scientists, they convey a wealth of scientific data through emotionally charged music and sound, from electronica and pop to jazz and contemporary classical.

Fat Controller: 7 September 2 & 2.30pm, Jerwood Kiln

Fat Controller (Fatty) is a 20-minute performance which will become one episode of Flying Saucer People, a series in production, designed to be streamed online. Conceived as a quirky homage to contemporary televisual culture, the performance assembles clusters of audio-visual references, recordings and props, presenting a distinctive musical landscape that contains familiar figures, sets and gestures.

Rahman & Yermakova: 7 September, 3.30pm, Peter Pears Recital Room

Shama Rahman and Anya Yermakova are both multi-instrumentalists, composers and academics researching the relationship between neuroscience and artistic creativity. They present the initial results of their new collaboration following a residency at Snape, working towards their goal of creating a concerto for sitar and orchestra in which the Indian raga form is integrated into the fundamental fabric of the piece.

Dreamlife of Debris: 7 September, 5pm, Snape Maltings Concert Hall

Pianist, organist and composer Kit Downes’ second album for ECM Records, Dreamlife of Debris features Lucy Railton on cello, Seb Rochford on drums and Tom Challenger on saxophone. The album is a continuation of a process that stretches right back to Downes’ original Snape residency as part of the Open Space Residency programme he participated in with Tom Challenger. Recorded over two years in multiple locations - Snape Church, Huddersfield University and at Downes’ home in London – these long form songs and melodies collide with other-worldly extended techniques and deteriorated field recordings, creating a set of pieces that explore emotional connections to objects.

Firefly Burning: Breathe Shallow: 7 September, 7.30, Britten Studio

Drawing on avant-pop, alt folk, classical minimalism and Javanese Gamelan, Firefly Burning’s sound is ‘fresh, original and often audacious’ (The Times). Their newest album, written and recorded at Snape, explores hope, loss and longing across nine new songs.

Sam Lee: Old Wow: 7 September, 8.45pm, Britten Studio

Sam Lee is one of the UK’s leading folk singers. Old Wow is his 3rd album reworking the folk song canon. Sam is driven by re-purposing heritage songs to teach us of our ancient but modern relationship to the natural world, our connections to it, and the past and future. Sam has for decades used the unique lens of folksong as a vital means to celebrating and understanding nature and conservation. Old Wow is a collection of devotional songs which have much to offer us in these uncertain and environmentally perilous times.


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