Saturday 2 November 2019 at 4pm, Southbank Centre’s Purcell Room

Sunday 3 November 2019 at 3.30pm, Southbank Centre’s Queen Elizabeth Hall

Following the sell-out success of Southbank Centre’s first DEEP∞MINIMALISM festival in 2016, cellist, producer and composer Oliver Coates has programmed DEEP∞MINIMALISM 2.0, a weekend dedicated to meditative listening and deep concentration. The festival features music from pioneers of electronic and experimental music alongside works by a vibrant new generation of younger composers, sound artists and performers working in Europe and the USA.

Highlights include:

UK exclusive live performance by Portland-based Grouper alias NIVHEK

Eliane Radigue’s three-hour sonic exploration of birth, death and life beyond death Trilogie de la Mort (written over an eight-year period which encompassed the death of her son in 1991)

Rarely heard works by American electronic music and musique concrète pioneer Tod Dockstader

Conceptual artist Hanne Darboven’s ‘mathematical music’, including iridescent patterns for cello and her major organ work Requiem performed by James McVinnie

A selection from over 100 works commissioned by UK flautist Kathryn Williams, single-breath flute exhalations created as a response to respiratory illness, which encourage the audience to breathe with the performer

An experimental journey into extreme quietness in Morton Feldman’s piano work Triadic Memories

John Luther Adams’ Canticles of the Sky for 16 cellos

Minimalist patterns and ancient sounds in music from British composer/improvisor Laura Cannell

Soundscapes by Berlin-based French sound artist Malibu

Trio for Duo for alto flute and voice by Mary Jane Leach

Further DEEP∞MINIMALISM 2.0 artists include: Jessica Aszodi, Eliza McCarthy, Emmanuel Holterbach and London Contemporary Orchestra

Gillian Moore, Director of Music, Southbank Centre comments: ‘DEEP∞MINIMALISM 2.0 offers a completely different listening experience and one that I think is vital to explore, especially in a world where the noise of everyday life seems ever more insistent. DEEP∞MINIMALISM 2.0 provides a rare opportunity to take the time and space to listen deeply, to live purely in the musical moment and – in the same spirit as the composers and performers who are featured – to simply enjoy the unexpected places your mind may take you.’


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