It has been widely reported that classical music aids learning, relaxes the listener and helps facilitate wonderful sleep. Kidharmonic is the perfect way to connect children to the wide and wonderful world of classical music and provides a way to nurture listening skills and to aid well-being.

The initial 5 tracks are released now with further releases scheduled throughout 2019-20. The series will introduce children to a band of seven cute creatures, each of whom performs on a different classical instrument. The key signatures have been carefully selected to ensure arrangements suit the vocal ranges of under 5s, with short song lengths to complement short attention spans.

Through the animals and their instruments, Kidharmonic offers a wonderful opportunity for parents, carers and children to wind down together after a busy day, listening to familiar tunes played in a calming, classical context whilst at the same time introducing the littlest learners to real musical instruments and a natural orchestral sound-world.

This entertaining, thoughtful and absorbing album is produced by multi-Grammy-nominated producer, Anna Barry, who has produced more than 500 classical recordings.

Notes Anna Barry: “The popularity of slow movements in Baroque music is often attributed to the tempo echoing a resting human heart beat. Less well publicised however is the fact that small children have phenomenally sophisticated hearing and respond immeasurably better to the textures and subtleties of almost all classical music rather than to rock and pop which can literally bend their eardrums and hurt their ears as much as the sound of an aircraft landing. What better way therefore to deliver children’s favourite nursery rhymes than in a gentle classical style, performed at the highest levels of musicianship, with the added bonus that it feeds their appetite for the real classical music? Kidharmonic is a true celebration of the perfect symmetry of nursery rhymes enhanced by the colours and sounds of the classical music world”.

Sarah Thwaites, UK Label Head added: “There's a common misconception that classical music is only for an older generation and that's simply not true. Sony Classical is dedicated to supporting a diverse portfolio of artists and projects to ensure that we offer something for everyone. We hope that Kidharmonic will appeal to our littlest listeners and nurture them into classical music fans of the future".


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