Opera 100: An opera synopsis in just one hundred words!

Composer: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)
Librettist: Lorenzo Da Ponte
The disguised Don Giovanni kills Donna Anna’s father, the Commendatore, whilst attempting his 2066th seduction! Fleeing with his servant Leporello he encounters the embittered Donna Elvira, a former conquest still besotted with him. She interrupts his pursuit of Zerlina, a country girl engaged to Masetto, and prompts an unwitting revelation of his true identity to Donna Anna and her fiancé Don Ottavio. Collectively they attempt to unmask him at a ball, but master and servant elude them. Hiding in a cemetery Giovanni jokingly invites the Commendatore’s statue to dinner. It accepts, duly appears and drags the unrepentant libertine to hell.


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